Born in 1982. Raised in the northwest suburbs of Illinois. Been hard at work since 2003.
I'm Daphne Clem, a multi-disciplinary creative currently working as a Senior Creative Services Manager in Maryland. I handle the visual development of internal company creative, photoshoots, and major corporate events, produce national campaigns and oversee brand compliance within signage and marketing resources for a national franchise system. Previously, I've done environmental design, visual development, and cobranded creative for major brands. I've also contributed design work towards non-profits that benefited various causes, including cancer research, cystic fibrosis, and mental health.
In my decades-spanning career, I've developed a bright and varied typographical style that merges my love of comics, video games, and fantasy themes. I've infused this into my professional work while honoring respective brand guidelines, as well as my personal illustration and other creative pursuits. 
In 2012 I've won first place in the Creativity International Awards for brochure design, and an honorable mention in self-promotion design for a creative firm. I've also handled the creative direction behind Kiddie Academy's StorytimeLIVE! marketing campaign, which received recognition for creativity, innovation, and effectiveness in 2018 from the International Franchise Association.
In 2022 I've earned my certificate with IDEOU for Foundations in Creative Leadership. This covered extensive training in leadership, storytelling, and creative collaboration. 
Outside of work, I'm a big foodie - a side effect of my career starting in the restaurant industry. I especially love spicy foods, all manner of ethnic/fusion cuisines, coffees, teas, and sweets. I also enjoy gaming, travel, mermaid costume design (it's really a thing), cultural folklore, and various performance arts.
For all inquiries, feel free to reach out via LinkedIn. Commissions are closed at this time.
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